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تابعونا عبر صفحتنا على الفيس بوك


لمشاركة الرحلات

Tulkarm is considered one of the most important recreational tourist cities nationwide in the past five years. The city of Tulkarm won the first place as the most visited Palestinian city by the Palestinian family seeking recreation and entertainment for the comprehensive nature of its facilities. Al Waha is one of the best, most comprehensive and most popular in this field.

Also, Al Waha is a major kiss for school trips coming from all governorates of the homeland, as it includes swimming pools suitable for all ages and an integrated theme park subject to public safety conditions, making it the most popular among students of the nation’s schools.

The Importance Of School Trips

School trips are one of the best curricula that attract and increase students ’love for the educational institution, and a successful field trip or visit is one that does not turn into a mere recreational trip devoid of the reinforced goals of the principle of self-learning and learning by direct observation, and awareness of the relationships between the components of the environment, where it acquires Students through these behaviors are good, such as discipline, order and respect, in addition to forming good habits such as self-reliance ... and taking responsibility..and patience, as well as developing social relationships and helping them to adapt to themselves, their colleagues and their community, and it also provides an opportunity for the teacher to learn To student behaviors closely what helps him to evaluate, and perhaps discover the talents .oatjahat Vidamha and Inmiha.

School trips also help create a pleasant atmosphere that reduces a child's fear of school. However, parents and educational frameworks should make sure to explain to the child that the trip does not mean going out of school instructions or liberating from them.

The trips, whether cultural ... scientific ... entertaining ... educational ... or social that students need in different stages of their lives, they are an integral part of comprehensive education, which is important for the school to take care of because it builds the characteristics of the normal personality where Transfer to the children practical education in various aspects of life and these trips are a basic rule of strong education.

Trips To Al Waha

Registration For Trips

للتسجيل أو الحجز المسبق للرحلات العائلية او المدرسية , يمكنكم ملأ النموذج التالي:
إختر نوع الرحلة

حدث خطأ. حاول مرة أخرى في وقت لاحق

صور من الرحلات

  • Excellent and delicious ice cream
  • High quality ice cream
  • Manufactures special flavors
  • The buffet
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop
  • Gift Center
  • Pottery Gallery
  • Various restaurants
  • Private family sessions
  • Various youth sessions
2013-05-10 18.04.02.jpg
  • A group of fun and interesting games for adults and children
  • Adult Pools
  • Kids Pools
  • Women's Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides
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