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Why did some of those who received the vaccine get infected with the Corona virus?

We posed this question to Dr. Rabie Adwan, a consultant in communicable and infectious diseases, and in turn, we will convey the answer to you:

There are several possibilities to explain this

1 - They may have been infected before receiving the vaccine, but the symptoms did not appear on them, and everyone knows that the incubation period for this virus may reach 14 days.

2- They may be infected on the day they receive the vaccine, or in the first days after that. The body needs at least 12 days after the first dose to create 50% of the effectiveness, and 80% after four weeks.

Therefore, those who received the vaccine must remain committed to physical distancing and the muzzle, in light of this wide spread of the virus.

3- The last possibility is related to the vaccine itself, even after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, regardless of any vaccine, the vaccine will not work with 100% effectiveness, but they all work well.

Here, I will elaborate on this point, so that the recipients of the vaccine are aware of what is meant by the numbers that speak of the effectiveness of the vaccine, and whether they are important!

When we talk about “efficacy”, here we mean the ability of the vaccine to protect against infection, and this varies from one vaccine to another, and we do not rely on it much in the comparison between vaccines, because it depends on several external factors, such as the extent of the spread of the Corona epidemic in the region in which the studies were conducted, and the extent Commitment of individuals to physical distancing and wearing a mask.

The efficiency, which is the most important, is the ability of the vaccine to protect the recipient from serious complications that occur as a result of infection with the Corona virus, and it is the same as all vaccines: 100%.

Therefore, there will always be a possibility of infection with the Corona virus after receiving the second dose of vaccines, but God willing, there will be no infections that require admission to the hospital.



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