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تابعونا عبر صفحتنا على الفيس بوك


لمشاركة إنضم إلينا

Work In Al Waha - An Irreplaceable Opportunity


Welcome to the beautiful world of the oasis, working in the oasis is not like any other work, you are here to put a smile on the lips of every visitor, every member of our team is important to preserve the achievements and successes of our big project.

What Do We Expect From The Applicant?

Any prior experience is unnecessary, but we are looking for people who understand the importance of dealing tactfully and in a good mood with clients and co-workers. We are looking for people who can make sweet memories for every visitor. Please keep in mind that elegant appearance is essential for staff. Adherence to dress code made by management is essential while working. It is not necessary for the applicant to comply with our instructions during the interview. You will become familiar with our policies and instructions during the interview, as you will be bound by them if you are chosen to maintain your job.


To apply for a job at Al Waha Park and Swimming Pools , please send the CV to

You can also leave your resume when managing in person.

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الإتصال بنا

  • Excellent and delicious ice cream
  • High quality ice cream
  • Manufactures special flavors
  • The buffet
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop
  • Gift Center
  • Pottery Gallery
  • Various restaurants
  • Private family sessions
  • Various youth sessions
2013-05-10 18.04.02.jpg
  • A group of fun and interesting games for adults and children
  • Adult Pools
  • Kids Pools
  • Women's Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides
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