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Warnings and Instructions.

To take a fun and beautiful trip Al Waha amusement park and swimming pools, everyone must abide by the laws of tourist places, one of the most beautiful public safety.

The management of Al Waha is found to serve the visitors of the parks and everyone should abide by the aforementioned warnings because the park owners are not responsible for these dangers, in case they do not adhere to the instructions and warnings of the mentioned items.



You must adhere to the instructions of a lifesaver and a swimming savior, not following the instructions puts you at risk, they are present to serve you and to keep you safe.

You must adhere to all instructions for games and listen to the instructions of the game monitor in the event of non-compliance with the instructions the game controller has the right to download you from them.

Sun protection must be avoided and not exposed to the sun for long periods of time. You can put a hat or sit in shaded places and drink plenty of water and fluids.

Children must be monitored by parents at all times, lifeguards, swimming rescuers, game monitors and all staff members are not childcare.

Patients suffering from diseases at risk are prohibited from using gaming and swimming machines.

It is prohibited to engage in or engage in harassment and other things that put you and others at risk while using games or swimming or while using water bubbles.

Frequenting prevents children and people with disabilities games without their companions.

It prevents stampedes, quarrels, and others, which puts visitors at risk.

It is prohibited for patients with heart conditions and pregnant women to attend games, which puts them at risk.


  • Every swimmer must adhere to the instructions of the rescuer.

  • Every swimmer must adhere to a special dress, preferably from nylon and prohibiting cotton clothing.

  • Each swimmer must take a bath before entering the pool.

  • All children must use toilets before entering the pool.

  • Do not enter shoes and clothes.

  • It prevents spitting and mucus inside the pool.

  • No jumping in shallow water.

  • No joking, pushing, jumping and jogging in the pool.

  • On every swimmer with long hair at the level of the chin, wear a special hat.

  • It is forbidden to enter anyone suffering from skin diseases, open wounds, or any disease that may put him at risk from swimming or using water bubbles.

  • Animals are not allowed to enter the swimming pool yard.

  • It is forbidden to enter any food or drink or smoking in the pool.

  • Excellent and delicious ice cream
  • High quality ice cream
  • Manufactures special flavors
  • The buffet
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop
  • Gift Center
  • Pottery Gallery
  • Various restaurants
  • Private family sessions
  • Various youth sessions
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  • A group of fun and interesting games for adults and children
  • Adult Pools
  • Kids Pools
  • Women's Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides
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