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Shopping Centers.

تابعونا عبر صفحتنا على الفيس بوك


لمشاركة مراكز التسوق


البركة الرئيسية - منتزه ومسابح الواحة
It is located in the middle of Al Waha and serves on the one hand - swimmers and on the other hand all the park visitors.
  • Soft drinks.

  • All kinds of juices.

  • All kinds of ice cream.

  • Men's and women's swimwear.

  • Swimming Supplies.

  • Chocolate and biscuit.

  • All kinds of nuts and snacks.

Cafeteria and Cafe

It is located in the most lively area and between the swimming pool portals and amusement park areas.
  • Fast food.

  • All kinds of hot drinks.

  • Hookah of all kinds.

  • Cocktails and natural juices.

  • A second center selling ice cream.

Gift Center

Site : located near the main gate.
  • Gifts, games and antiques center - Basta

  • Wide selection of gifts, toys and antiques at very attractive prices

Pottery Antiques

It is located in the center of Al Waha near the tower.
  • The pottery industry is an ancient craft inherited by children from parents and grandparents, which is one of the oldest and most important traditional crafts in Palestine to keep pace with human civilizations from time to time.

  • Excellent and delicious ice cream
  • High quality ice cream
  • Manufactures special flavors
  • The buffet
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop
  • Gift Center
  • Pottery Gallery
  • Various restaurants
  • Private family sessions
  • Various youth sessions
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  • A group of fun and interesting games for adults and children
  • Adult Pools
  • Kids Pools
  • Women's Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides
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